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Adobe Analytics Workspace Visualization CUSTOMIZATION


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I am going to invoke a couple of names like Tim Wilson and Brent Dykes when submitting this idea, because Adobe Analytics Workspace is currently very limited in its capabilities for us to do what these two visionaries have recommended we do in order to provide BETTER metrics to our audience.


Adobe, YOU are supposed to be the leader in Digital Metrics, and so I implore you in giving us the tools to give us the means to better tweak the metrics we are trying to present to our data consumers.  We are trying to tell them better stories, and if we cannot do something as simple as change the color of the line on a graph or even change the the graph in the background a different color, then how can we even begin to improve upon the message we are trying to convey to those who see our reports?  Yes, we can export data to different tools, but aren't we told that Workspace is getting better every day?


I find it frustrating that I have a graph like this with which I have almost no control.  I can't change the line color, density, behavior, or even how the graph displays on the screen.  I am stuck with the pre-defined configuration of what Adobe decided to choose for me, and that's it, yet the two people I mentioned above say that there is so much more to data visualization and informing our audience.
My idea is we need a much more robust ability to control and customize our visualizations, which goes well beyond the graphs.  This includes better control of resizing Summary Numbers, so we're not limited to a finite amount of items to a row that have bad formatting or incomplete-looking titles.
These are IMPROVEMENTS THAT MATTER to us analysts and managers who are sending on out reports on a regular basis.  In fact, I found a submission by someone who asked for customizations for graphs back in 2010 that I believe was completely overlooked.

I hope and pray that this one gains more viewership and momentum.  Onward!



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Yes - probably my biggest visualization peeve is that I can't set the colors by dimension so the same dimension will be represented by a different color in each chart. This is a terrible user experience.


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Agreed with everything said above. We are trying to automate a lot of our reports and adobe offers a unique solution to this. Unfortunately when I have 1 product set a certain colour and in the next graph it changes. I have to restyle the WHOLE graph so my stakeholder doesn't misread the information (which they invariably will). Come on guys it's now 2021, we don't want to have to export to excel. You figured out how to bring GA data into Adobe so it can be used better. Now let us ACTUALLY DISPLAY IT.  


For example below. I have 3 decision codes for 4 various outcomes. The 1st green is "Rejected" and the following 3 are "Accepted". This is going to cause confusion and this is the best way to display the data.




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@TamiW and @_bel_,

I am definitely on the same page with you.  Hey Adobe, how about joining the rest of us in the 20th Century?  That's when MS made it possible to customize a PPT.  


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Even the ability to override the color scheme for a particular visualization instead of only being able to do it for the project as a whole would be helpful. For example, then you can emphasize a particular item in a line graph visually like this.


The only way to do that now is by changing the schema for the project as a whole but something like the screenshot above likely wouldn't work well for other visualizations in that same project.


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Sounds like what everyone wants is a sharable, online version of Report Builder. That is, we could create a new "Spreadsheet" panel, define which data block(s) we want ingested into it, filtered as needed (yes Linda58, including metrics!). Once we have the data we want, we can then add graphs; then format them (based on dimension position, value, or conditional format of values), plus resize and arrange the graphical objects however we please – just as we can in a spreadsheet, sans the 3rd party plugins. Then schedule distribution of the final result (XLSX or PDF), like we can with Workspace dashboards. Would this work? Is it feasible?