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Adobe Analytics raw data feed in Snowflake Data Marketplace


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Description - As part of Snowflake Summit, it is confirmed that Adobe is running Snowflake as their data warehouse engine. Therefore it would be logical to use the Snowflake Data Marketplace to allow Adobe customers to access their data.

Why is this feature important to you - This feature would ease the access to our data, while enhancing the security profile, since no account key would have to be shared in order for us to get the data.

How would you like the feature to work - The user should be able to request a data set from the Snowflake data marketplace containing their raw data as delivered by a Data Feed, a customer stage would be created as a secure view, and this view would be shared. This would allow the customer to query their own data, with their own compute. This would reduce the cost and ecological footprint for both Adobe and the customer to make the data available for analysis outside of the Adobe platform.

Current Behaviour - At this point, we are reliant on the Data Feed functionality, which in our case is a feed going to a Azure Blob. This requires us to allow the data feed to have the Azure Storage Account Key, which basically allows full access to the blob. This is less than ideal from a security standpoint. Furthermore we are required to do a full ELT or ETL workload in order to make the data ready for consumption, instead of only needing to do a transformation step.

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