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Ability for a segment to reference another segment


Level 8


Currently if you drag a segment A into another segment B in the builder it will just copy it in i.e. it rebuilds A in B. This means if you change the original segment A it won't update in B.

What would be great is if you could drag a segment into another segment in a similar way to how a calculated metric works. This means you only need to maintain the original A segment as it will feed through into any other segments that reference it.



Level 4


I think Ideally you want the option when the segment is included t choose if it should be a reference or a copy. Mainly I can see situations when you have complex segment you might want to include the structure and than modify it to a new segment




Thanks for submitting this idea. We've talked about this idea before, and there are pros and cons all around, but it sounds like it may be worth revisiting. Definitely something for us to consider.