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Welcome to the Cross-Device Analytics discussion forum



Hello and welcome!

This forum is dedicated to discussion about Journey IQ: Cross-Device Analytics (CDA.) If you are a user of CDA, this is where you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Make suggestions and provide feedback
  • Collaborate with others

CDA overview

Journey IQ: Cross-Device Analytics transforms Analytics from a device-centric view of the world to a person-centric view. Cross-Device Analytics provides the data, capabilities and tools to help the enterprise understand the customer’s multi-device usage and the customer journey across those devices in their interactions with the brand.

Use cases for cross-device stitching are wide and varied, but a few example use cases include:

  • People vs. device-based audience size analysis. "As a user I want to understand my audience size and characteristics from a people-based perspective and compare it to the device-based perspective I've been using for years." How much of the audience has been identified vs is anonymous? How much of my audience uses more than one device? For people that use more than one device, what kind of devices do they use?
  • People-based (i.e. cross-device) attribution. "As a user I want to understand how actions or interactions on one device impact actions or interactions by the same person takes on another device." One example of this is the question of whether certain interaction channels are actually low-conversion, or whether they are just a part of a larger customer journey. For example: "It seems like our app is a waste of time because users never convert. Is that true or do they just convert later on my web site?"
  • People-based segmentation. "As a user I want to create, analyze and compare people-based segments." This is really an extension to "people-based attribution." When I create a segment that is "people who saw campaign X and then converted", I want that segment to include behavior from all interaction channels, not be limited to behavior that occurred on a single device.
  • People-based journey analysis, including fallout and flow. "As a user I want to understand which behaviors are occurring on which devices and in which order." For example, for a travel-oriented business, which travel-planning activities occur most often in certain places (web, app, call center, etc.) and when does this occur in the customer journey lifecycle? Visualizations such as flow, funnel and co-hort are the tools of choice for this analysis.
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