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websiteBot plugin is not working as expected


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We have included this plugin in the s-code and for all the pageviews even when the mouse is used, it is fired as "bot detected". Not sure if this plugin works only when the Adobe Tag container (JS) is hosted on Adobe domain ?  Because we host the container JS not on the Adobe domain  rather our own company domain. Any thoughts on this. Do we know other reasons, why the plugin function is always returning true rather it is expected to return false

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The JS hosting shouldn't matter for this code since it effectively does 2 things:

  • Checks for a valid desktop user agent
  • Adds an event listener for mouse movement which sets the bot variable to "false"

Without knowing too much on how you've implemented this, I might lean on this being a timing issue where your hit is firing before the variable can be changed.


Quick check - on any page of your application, even if the adobe hit fires, could you move around your mouse, then check the variable "websiteBot" (you can just type it in console). Is it retuning as "false" ?



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Hi now I am following the updated documentation and unfortunately it is still not working when I have assigned a customer eVar in s-code (custom code editor). But the webSiteBot s.tl() is executed when I enabled the satellite debug. But I was expecting the eVar to be populated in pageview load rather than separate customer s.tl() with just a link name with value "not a bot"


Any help or insight how detailed steps on how to validate this report along with eVar population would be beneficial as unfortunately the support team is not helping with debugging