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Scheduled Reports: Show Data for Month before Last


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In my dashboard which is sent as a scheduled report on the first day of the month, there is a reportlet called "Visits Previous Month". But the reportlet would actually contain the data for the month 2 months ago. E.g. if the dashboard is generated on Feb 1, the reportlet should contain data for December. My problem is: how can you set a reporting period for this reportlet as a rolling time range? There is no preset date range for that (only "Last 2 months", but it is not what I need). And just a rolling period is also not an option, because the number of days in month vary (30/31). Are there any workarounds I'm missing?

Any advice will be much appreciated!

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Hi Aline,


You can not schedule it for the 28th of each month? A last month report will contain the data you are looking for.





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Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your comment. I considered this option. I don't want to send out the dashboard, on say the 28th, cause this dashboard is a monthly report and then for most of the reportlets (except for the troublesome "Visits previous month") the data for 2-3 last days of the month will be missing. What I considered doing is sending the dashboard on the last day of the month as late as possible (11pm). BUT in AA you cannot schedule a report to be sent on the last day on the month!! you can choose 30th, or 31st day of the month, but you cannot have a flexible solution! That's why I chose to send the report on the first day of the month.


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i would think running the dashboard on the 1st of the month at 3 AM with dates set for the last 2 months and rolling monthly would give you dec/gan on 2/1 and jan/feb on 3/1 etc.

You can also play with the custom dates now available and create your own dates

it's in the left nav, open the components section and 'manage date ranges'


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Wow, actually this should work. Thanks for the tip!

Regarding "Manage date ranges" - I have recently noticed this new feature as well, but as far as I understood custom date ranges can be used only in Adobe Workspace.


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Hi there!

The same problem with the data for the month before last became relevant again. So I decided to try out the proposed solution (with the 2 last months). But it is not working as I expected!

So if I send the dashboard on March 1st, I want the reportlet to include the data for January (Traffic - Last Month). And this time period should be rolling. With the proposed solutions I would get data for January and February combined (with 2 last months setting).

Any other suggestions? I really do not understand how this issue did not get more attention. It is a standard reporting requirement: monthly reporting with data for current and previous months. The report is sent on the first day of thr following month. And there is no way to make the report automated! You have to adjust the time periods every month!

Hoping for some advice,