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No Bounces showing up in our report


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We have recently published 10 pages through AEM for APAC regions. All metrics have started populating, but we are unable to see any bounces. All values for bounces show "0" and hence the bounce rate. Could any one help me with what could be the problem?

NOTE: All other top metrics on hit level is populating.


Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you

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A bounce is a visit with a single server call: Bounces

Is it possible that when a user lands on these pages more than one server call is sent? Fire up the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - Chrome Web Store and navigate to these pages like your users would. i.e. are they coming from an ad, direct traffic, etc. How many server calls do you get?


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Hi Nikita,

Thanks for your reply. Sadly single server call (i tried a direct load after clearing cookies. I also tried yesterday and created bounces myself ensuring that 'bounce' took place on the site) - so that does not seem to be the issue. If i were to check in the AEM instance, what specifically should i look out for?



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Could you give a URL that's not showing any bounces?

I can almost guarantee that there are two hits going out on a single page load, which would effectively nullify bounces. But still, I'd like to double check and make sure that's the case.