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NEW IN 2022 [Analytics Community Q&A Coffee Break] 1/18/22, 8am PT: Trevor Paulsen, Group Product Manager, Adobe Analytics


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Join us for our monthly Adobe Analytics Community Q&A Coffee Break

taking place Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 @ 8am PT -  9am PT


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We'll be joined by Trevor Paulsen, aka @trevorpaulsen, Group Product Manager, Adobe Analytics, who will be signed in here to the Adobe Analytics Community to chat directly with you on this thread about your Adobe Analytics questions pertaining to his focus areas:

  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Future of Analytics
  • Adobe Experience Platform





  • Must be signed in to the Community during the 1-hour period 
  • Must post a Question about Adobe Analytics
  • THAT'S IT!  *(think of this as the Adobe Analytics Community equivalent of an AMA, (“Ask Me Anything”), and bring your best speed-typing game) 






  • Click the blue “Reply” button at the bottom right corner of this post
  • Begin your Question with @trevorpaulsen 
  • When exchanging messages with Eric about your specific question, be sure to use the editor’s "QUOTE" button, which will indicate which post you're replying to, and will help contain your conversation with Trevor



**Mark Your Calendars: Be sure to mark your calendars with a reminder to log in here to the Community on 1/18/22 @ 8am PT > from there, all you need to do is hop onto this thread and post your related questions to receive direct answers from Trevor








Trevor comes from the world of aerospace engineering and robotics, and studied estimation theory and data mining techniques before leading Adobe’s data science consulting team. Trevor loves doing big data projects and statistical analyses on the side whenever he can. He’s a father of three, and a lover of bike rides & music..






This is our first Analytics Community Q&A Coffee Break of 2022! So grab your favorite morning beverage and some breakfast sit down and come converse with us.

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@trevorpaulsen  - interested to know which feature that's been added to Adobe Analytics Workspace in the last year or so you are convinced is most under-rated.

Maybe one that you think hasn't received the attention it deserves or you think it might be misunderstood. 



Hmm, that's a tough question! I think my favorite "underrated" feature is the new mobile dashboard projects. We just added support for a few new visualization types, and I use them all the time within my day to day job personally! I love being able to access important metrics and breakdowns right on my phone without having to sit at my computer when I'm in a meeting or just need quick answers to common questions.


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@trevorpaulsen - Hi. I am new(ish) to Adobe Analytics, and joined a company that had three AEM developed/created websites and helped launch a fourth (enterprise level). Analytics was implemented by a third-party vendor, and the four sites have a variety of metrics and dimensions, and are not consistent among all sites. I would like to track activity between the sites (eventually). Do I need to ensure all metrics and dimensions, etc. are consistent to do so?

Also, I am enrolled in the Adobe Digital Learning subscription and am working my way thru those courses, the next being Adobe Launch. Our email marketing group sends out many emails a week to thousands of customers. I need to be able to track this activity on the site, as I understand it the best way to do this is thru Launch... am I correct?


(BTW - We have since terminated the contract with the third-party vendor as they were not delivering on what was promised... So I no longer have them as a resource.)


 Thanks so much!!



If you eventually intend to merge the data from each of your sites (whether via a global report suite, or in CJA), having all of your metrics and dimensions consistent between sites will save you a lot of pain down the road!