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Detection of in-app browsers (eg. Facebook)


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We need to differ traffic of in-app browser from regular browser traffic, as traffic will more likely bounce opening a link within an application.

  • Is this possible in Adobe Analytics?
  • Will Adobe update the browser detection by flagging a Browsers in Report with "in-app" like Google Analytics does for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc?



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Hello Adobe,

@Adobe: Are you planning anything for detecting in-app browsers like facebook? Because they are a substantial part of visits!

We currently have a processing rule looking for e.g. FBAS in the user agent and put it into an evar - but we would prefer to have this information in the standard browser reports.



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Hi here.

@Adobe: any answer for this question?

How can we identify traffic coming from in-app browser vs classical browsers?

For exemple, people visiting your site from Facebook in-app browser or people using the app of Google to browse your site?


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Is anybody having any news on this one? It's been some years already since Google Analytics started doing this, and still Adobe Analytics does not have a solution to this point?

Thank you!



This is a great question - would you mind posting a screenshot of the report you're referring to (or something that shows how you'd like the data to appear in AA)?


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Hey Michael,

I think it needs to present as simply as per the attached GA sample in Browser Type reporting, hope this helps.




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This would be an immensely valuable solution, @trevorpaulsen .

Has there been any further discussion on this or related topics?


Thanks in advance for the help!