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Has anyone connected mParticle to Adobe Analytics?


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Was curious to know more about the steps I need to take when connecting mParticle to Adobe? There isn't much documentation on this specifically.

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Depending on whether you're looking to collect data from mobile, from web, or both, mParticle has a set of iOS/Android and Javascript SDKs that make it pretty easy to connect to Adobe Analytics. This workflow goes into much more detail but I can provide the basics here as well.

For mobile, you'll have to embed the iOS or Android SDK by following these instructions. After you embed it, the mobile SDK continually interfaces with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud ID service to retrieve the MID and maintain Adobe’s records up to date with identifiers. mParticle forwards data to Adobe Analytics server-to-server, including app lifecycle metrics, product events, lifetime value, opt-ins and opt-outs, location, offline data, and app and device attributes.

You can also connect your web data to Adobe Analytics with mParticle’s Javascript SDK. You just need to embed this JS snippet into the development version of your web app, substituting <your API>  with your personal API key (which you can generate within mParticle). Then you enable the Adobe interation and set up a JS input --> Adobe output with your context variables in the Connections page. You should be able to see your data in your Adobe dashboard within a few minutes. Hope this was helpful!

Disclaimer: I work for mParticle