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custom variables mapping in site catalyst


Level 2


Can anyone please share how can we map the events /properties for a component to Site catalyst ,when it is customised.Or do we generally map some certain properties/events e.g; click,visits etc.

Thanks & Regards,

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Level 10

Hi niranjan,

You have not mentioned how are you integrating Adobe analytics wit your website/email. Are you using AEM for your website platform?

Are you using any Tag management solution like DTM?

Please provide more details so We can help you in resolving this problem.




Level 2

Hi AMit,


Thanks for the reply.

I am using AEM for the website platform and currently i am doing it without DTM.But i need to implement this using DTM as well.So, kindly share how could we map the properties/events by using js code (by adding some script in jsp file e.g; cq_analytics:record).