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[On-Demand Webinar] Elevate your customer journeys with Adobe Analytics (February 15th)



Watch the on-demand recording here.

We all can agree that flawless customer journeys are at the heart of exceptional customer experiences and creating such experiences is much easier said than done. We often struggle to pinpoint exact journey friction points and fiddle with various metrics and visualizations to find them. The lead time to address these insights makes the process even more critical. This webinar aims at harboring Adobe Analytics data to its true potential to identify customer pain points and quickly address them. Join us to understand:

  • Key concepts of ideal customer journeys
  • How to set up Adobe tagging to capture omnichannel user journeys (even with Adobe Analytics Standard license)
  • Use Adobe plugins to capture crucial metrics during the flow
  • Use calculated metrics and visualizations to understand journey fallout
  • Engineer data to build advanced personalization strategies (including data science)


Watch the recording featuring Adobe Analytics Champion, Isha Gupta, as she delves into strategies for enhancing your customer journey using Adobe Analytics.


Slides are available to download below.


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