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Attribution IQ vs Marketing Channel - NONE issue


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I understand the reason of 'none' in the new attribution IQ report, but when we run it with Marketing Channel sounds like a code/project bug from a business point of view. With Attribution IQ + Marketing channel + any purchase metric customized with an attribution model, I have the NONE line, which is something not logic or possible. I understand the technical reason, it means we have a visit or visitors without instances that give credit to any channel.

If that's true, it should fall into "Direct" channel rule.

But, I have doubts on that in any case, because the standard metric is able to give credit for that events to channels anyway, so it's not true we dont have instances. Maybe it's the "override" setting that is able to resume previous instances? Well, does it mean Attribution IQ is not affected by that settings? Anyway... we should fall into Direct again.


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Agreed with this logic as well.  Any response or context as to why None would display?

I agree with the logic that it should be mapping to Direct given the normal setup of processing rules.