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Analysis Workspace New Features - June 2016



New features released on June 16, 2016:

  • New group permission that allows administrators to allow or deny access to the Analytics > Workspace tab for users. As of June 16, 2016, all users have permission to access this tab. To deny access, just remove users from the Analysis Workspace Access group.
  • The Segment Comparison Panel discovers the most statistically significant differences between any two segments through an automated analysis of every single metric and dimension you have access to.
  • New Projects Menu structure that rearranges the top menu and makes it more extensible. For example, creating a new Cohort Panelnow involves creating a Blank Panel and dragging in a Cohort Table visualization.
  • New left rail: Panels, Visualizations, Components
  • A new Venn visualization type that lets you drag in up to 3 segments and a metric and build a Venn diagram.
  • Trend Selection (line chart) on a ranked table is now linked.
  • "Create Visual" icon: clicking this icon provides an intelligent guess at your next action (bar chart, Venn...).
  • Static Rows (explicit delete icon; paging/row limiting; client-side vs. site totals; mixed dimensions
  • Add Segment dropzone (drag 1+ items into drop zone and they will automatically convert to segments; Dragging in or clicking on the + icon creates an internal segment; Can make internal components "public."
  • Minor Updates:
    • Ability to delete all visualizations in a panel, and all panels in a project. (Previously, you had to keep at least one visualization or one panel.)
    • Changes to the shortcut keys (hotkeys) that can facilitate work with Analysis Workspace.
    • Style changes: Smaller fonts in visualizations; color swatches on rows; moved the date selector down (on panels).

Reference - https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/analytics/analysis-workspace/new-features-in-analys...

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Level 1

Some great features and more on the way I'm sure.


However since release my calculated metrics have stopped working in Analytics Workspace - Adobe on the case - I know of one other company who have experienced the same.





Hi Martin,

Are those calculated metrics still not working for you? Have you tried re-adding them in your project?