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Adobe Workspace Performance DOWNGRADE


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I don't know if anyone else has observed this within the past four to six weeks, but I really feel that whatever "improvements" Adobe promised would "speed up" Adobe Analytics Workspace have actually significantly slowed it down its performance.

It's not like the data sets I work with have suddenly become that much larger.  We're still working with the same data we've been using for quite some time.

A good example is copying a filter right next to itself.  Right-click a Segment (filter) while holding down the CTRL key, and instead of smoothly being able to drag it around on the screen where I would like, the whole screen freezes, and then I get the white crosshairs.  If I'm lucky, the Segment will duplicate itself right next to the one I had.  Other times, it will place itself in an odd spot, and then I have to drag it into its proper place, which usually isn't as difficult as reproducing it (yeah, right, I can already hear the jokes).

Anyway, that's only the beginning.  There are the very SIMPLE reports I'll try to run for just six months of data of just ONE dimension using its Instances, and then a line visualization so I can see the Weekly trend.  The visualization took almost TWO MINUTES to populate for just one of the values in the dimension.


Up until a month or two ago, I honestly can't remember a time when I saw Adobe Analytics Workspace perform this poorly.  Is it my machine?  Is it Chrome?  Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to just go and change browsers, because the only other browser I have on my machine is MS Edge, and you can't pay me to use a MS browser.  Firefox has to be used by plugging into Citrix, and that's slower than Molasses, and since I'm required to use a Federated ID to login, there's no way for me to login on a private machine without using a VPN.

Any suggestions?



Jeff Bloomer
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Hi @jeff_bloomer,

Generally, I see that the performance issue is because of the following reasons:

1. An issue with the browser cache/cookies.
2. An issue due to the browser add-ons.

3. if some of the requests are getting timed out. This happens when there is a restriction from the firewall, proxies or VPN.


So, I will suggest you to try the below suggestions.

1. Try clearing browser cache/ cookies.

2. Try accessing the Workspace while in the Incognito browser window.

3. Try updating the browser to its latest version.
4. Check whether the performance is happening with all the projects in general or the ones which have multiple panels & visualizations.

5. You can also try optimizing your Workspace projects by following the steps mentioned in the below link.

Link: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/analytics/analyze/analysis-workspace/workspace-faq/optimizing...

If after following the above suggestion didn't resolve the issue then I will suggest you to raise this issue with the Client Care team. So, that we can look into it further if needed.

Hope this helps.




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Getting complaints lately from several others that we support.  I feel like maybe there's something with the latest Chrome, including when I run Incognito.  Lately, I get much better responsiveness out of Firefox, which is a bit of a surprise.  Maybe all that privacy blocking in Firefox is coming in handy after all! 


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If I had that option, I'd use it, but I have to open a Citrix box just to use Firefox, which creates a huge lag in and of itself.  Incognito adds just a LITTLE bit of a performance lift, but not much.  I haven't changed much in the amount of content over the past year, so it's definitely the tool somehow.

Jeff Bloomer