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Why Analytics: Fact in the Universe of Fake for a Happily Ever After




by Benjienen Toledo, @Benjienen

Digital marketing may get overwhelming, and it is one that is unarguably, constantly, and brutally battered with disapprovals and subjectivity. Having experienced all facets of digital marketing from media, planning, writing, even up to technical implementations, I’ve found fulcrum in analytics.

Why analytics? Let me count the ways.

Analytics has depth to unearth what is fake, even if sometimes it may be hard to take. Till the last segment or granularity, it will let you see the reality.

Analytics cannot be swayed by bias, emotions, nor budget. Its facts! Regardless of one’s worldview, analytics is jarring that you will pay attention even when you don’t want to.

Here are three reasons why Analytics:

  1. Not Content: Content writing requires constant inspiration. Munching tons of words per minute to expand your vocabulary and get in the motion. It’s synonyms and antonyms are endless, but still leave you utterly speechless.
  2. Not Media Management: Media buying is algorithmic, there’s only so much you can do with your campaigns and staying optimistic. For ad serving to be the smartest, you need to spend 20% of your budget, or maybe less. Often it focuses on vanity metrics hence, you must have your expectations set. Because performance marketing is not what-you-see-is-what-you-get.
  3. Not Search: Paid Search is audience-driven so if there’s no demand your ads are forgotten. That’s why no matter how much you bid, you still don’t get a lead. And what else can you do? Aside from changing your keywords, headlines, and descriptions too? Add heaps of landing pages, not just one or two.

Analytics expands your insights and advances your aptitude. Sometimes it debunks your hypothesis, but intelligent enough to keep your sanity intact. You can style, manipulate, and break it. But no matter the fashion, it will surely spring you into action. It strengthens arguments in a room full of disagreements. It harmonises the vibe when everyone speaks with so much pride. It makes chaos understood and creates unity amidst discrepancy.

I shall but love analytics as my anchor and rudder. It’s the ‘fairy godmother’ towards a data-driven world that’s still fortifying itself in the happily ever after.