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Navigating the Learning Path of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics






Are you looking to enhance your understanding and broaden your knowledge of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA)?

In this blog post, updated as of September 2023, I will guide you on a comprehensive learning journey to introduce you to Customer Journey Analytics (CJA). My goal is to familiarize you with the platform's features and capabilities and provide valuable insights and knowledge to help you fully utilize this powerful tool. To support your learning experience, I have curated a variety of essential resources, educational materials, and diverse learning content. These resources will serve as your guide, helping you develop a deeper understanding and mastery of the CJA platform. With access to these resources, you will gain the confidence and proficiency needed to become a skilled user of CJA.

The guide is divided into two main sections:

  1. CJA Learning Path Approach: This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to approach the learning path for CJA. It includes recommendations on where to start, such as exploring overall resources and documentation, evolution from Adobe Analytics (AA) to CJA, and supplementing learning with video resources.
    1. CJA Main Resources, Documentation, and Release Notes: This area highlights the main resources for learning about CJA, including the CJA Guide Index, CJA Overview, CJA Data Ingestion Overview, CJA Express Page, and CJA Latest Release Notes. It provides an overview of each resource and explains how they can help users gain a comprehensive understanding of CJA.
    1. Adobe Analytics to CJA Evolution Resources: This area focuses on resources that assist users in evolution understandings from Adobe Analytics (AA) to CJA. It includes the AA to CJA Comparison, AA to CJA User Guide, AA vs CJA Feature Support, AA vs CJA Terminology Differences, AA vs CJA Data Processing Differences, and troubleshooting resources.
    1. CJA Video Resources: This area introduces video resources available for learning CJA, including the CJA Video Tutorials, CJA YouTube Playlist, and CJA Learning Lab. It explains how these resources can enhance users' understanding and proficiency in using CJA.
  1. CJA in Tool Learning Path: This section describes the dedicated learning path area within CJA, accessible through the "Learning" area under the "Workspace" tab. It explains the features and benefits of this area, including tailored content for different experience levels and roles, search and filtering options, and a condensed interface.

1. CJA Learning Path Approach:

To start your learning journey for Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), follow these steps based on your organization and implementation:

  1. Begin with the "CJA Overall Resources & Documentation" section:
    • Visit the CJA Guide Index for a comprehensive overview of CJA's features and capabilities.
    • Explore the CJA Overview resource to understand data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting.
    • Review the quick start guides for CJA Data Ingestion Overview to learn how to ingest data from different data sources into CJA.
  1. Move on to the CJA Express Page:
    • Gain a concise understanding of CJA's key features and benefits.
    • Utilize interactive elements and step-by-step guides for an enhanced learning experience.
  1. Stay up to date with the latest developments in CJA:
    • Regularly review the CJA Latest Release Notes for information on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
  1. Evolution from Adobe Analytics (AA) to CJA:
    • Start with the AA to CJA Comparison resource to understand the unique capabilities and advantages of CJA.
    • Explore the AA to CJA User Guide for insights into user experience and interface differences.
    • Delve deeper into the comparison with the AA vs CJA Feature Support resource.
  1. Familiarize yourself with CJA terminology:
    • Refer to the AA vs CJA Terminology Differences resource for explanations and a glossary of terms.
  1. Understand data processing differences between AA and CJA:
    • Explore the AA vs CJA Data Processing Differences resource for insights and best practices.
  1. Troubleshoot discrepancies or issues with Adobe Analytics or Real-time CDP:
    • Follow the troubleshooting steps in the Troubleshooting: Compare Adobe Analytics Data to Customer Journey Analytics Data resource.
    • Refer to the Troubleshooting: Consistency of metrics and audience membership counts between Real-time CDP and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics resource.
  1. Supplement your learning with video resources:
    • Explore the CJA Video Tutorials for step-by-step guidance.
    • Gain additional insights and best practices from the CJA YouTube Playlist.
    • Engage with the CJA Learning Lab for demonstrations and exercises.

Approach the learning path systematically, starting with the overall resources and documentation, evolution from AA to CJA, and supplementing your learning with video resources. Dedicate time to explore and engage with the curated resources, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of CJA and its capabilities.

a. CJA Main Resources, Documentation, and Release Notes

  1. CJA Guide Index: The CJA Landing Page serves as the primary access point for CJA, providing a comprehensive overview of its features and capabilities. It is designed to assist users, regardless of their experience level, in familiarizing themselves with the platform and unleashing its unlimited potential. By exploring this page, users will gain a deeper understanding of the different functionalities and possibilities offered by CJA, enabling them to maximize the benefits of this powerful analytics tool.
  1. CJA Overview: This resource offers a comprehensive understanding of CJA. It provides detailed information about the platform's core concepts, benefits, and use cases. The resource covers various aspects including data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting. This allows users to fully comprehend the capabilities of CJA and its potential impact on their analytics strategies. Additionally, it includes examples and use cases that demonstrate how CJA can drive actionable insights and enhance business outcomes.
  1. CJA Data Ingestion Overview: This resource provides information on data ingestion into CJA. It covers various aspects of data collection, processing, and integration within the AEP & CJA platform. By exploring this resource, users can gain an understanding of how data is ingested into AEP and CJA, and how it can be utilized for analyzing and visualizing customer journeys.
  1. CJA Express Page: This resource provides a streamlined introduction to CJA. It offers a concise overview of the platform's key features and benefits, making it an ideal starting point for users who prefer a quick and focused introduction to CJA. Additionally, it includes interactive elements and step-by-step guides to facilitate the learning process and ensure a smooth onboarding experience for users.
  1. CJA Latest Release Notes: Stay up to date with the latest developments and updates in CJA by referring to the release notes. These notes provide users with detailed information about new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other important updates in CJA. By regularly reviewing the release notes, users can stay informed about the latest advancements in CJA and ensure that they are making the most of the platform's capabilities.

b. Adobe Analytics to CJA Evolution Resources

  1. AA to CJA Comparison: This resource provides a comprehensive comparison between Adobe Analytics and CJA, highlighting the unique capabilities and advantages that CJA brings to the table. It explores various features and functionalities, allowing users to understand how CJA differs from Adobe Analytics and how it can address their specific analytics needs more effectively. Moreover, it provides practical tips and recommendations for understanding the evolution from AA to CJA smoothly and maximizing the benefits of CJA.
  1. AA to CJA User Guide: Similar to the previous resource, this comparison resource focuses specifically on the user perspective, showcasing the differences between Adobe Analytics and CJA in terms of user experience and interface. By exploring this resource, users can gain insights into the unique features and functionalities of CJA that can enhance their analytics workflow and deliver more impactful results.
  1. AA vs CJA Feature Support: This resource offers a comprehensive and regularly updated comparison of Adobe Analytics and CJA. It highlights the unique capabilities and advantages of CJA. The comparison examines various features and functionalities to help users understand the differences between CJA and Adobe Analytics, and how CJA can effectively meet their specific analytics needs, taking into account the product roadmap plans.
  1. AA vs CJA Terminology Differences: As users delve deeper into the world of CJA, they may come across certain differences in terminology compared to Adobe Analytics. This resource has been created to assist users in navigating these variations and ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of the specific terminology used in CJA. By familiarizing themselves with the terminology, users will be better equipped to effectively utilize CJA's features and capabilities, enabling them to drive actionable insights from their data.
  1. AA vs CJA Data Processing Differences: This resource provides users with valuable insights into the differences in data processing between Adobe Analytics and CJA. By understanding these distinctions, users will be able to effectively leverage the unique data capabilities offered by CJA, enabling them to gather, process, and analyze data in a more efficient and meaningful way.
  1. Troubleshooting: Compare Adobe Analytics Data to Customer Journey Analytics Data: This resource offers guidance on comparing Adobe Analytics data to CJA data, helping users troubleshoot any discrepancies or issues they may encounter when working with these two analytics platforms. By following the troubleshooting steps provided, users can ensure data consistency and accuracy in their analytics efforts.
  1. Troubleshooting: Consistency of metrics and audience membership counts between Real-time CDP and Ado...: This resource provides detailed information on maintaining data consistency between Real-time CDP (RTCDP) and CJA, ensuring that users can seamlessly integrate data from both platforms and obtain a holistic view of their customer journey. It covers various aspects, including data synchronization, data governance, and data import/export processes, offering step-by-step instructions and best practices for achieving data consistency across AA and CJA.

c. CJA Video Resources

  1. CJA Video Tutorials: In addition to the aforementioned resources, CJA also offers a comprehensive collection of video tutorials. These tutorials provide users with step-by-step guidance on various aspects of CJA, helping them to further enhance their understanding and proficiency in using the platform.
  1. CJA YouTube Playlist: This playlist offers a curated selection of videos that cover various CJA topics, including tutorials, best practices, and success stories. By watching these videos, users can gain additional insights and inspiration for leveraging CJA in their analytics projects.
  1. CJA Learning Lab: The CJA Learning Lab is an immersive learning video designed to help users dive deeper into the functionalities and capabilities of CJA. This video resource provides hands-on demonstrations, tips, and insights to enhance users' understanding and expertise in using CJA effectively. By engaging with the CJA Learning Lab, users can gain practical knowledge and discover new ways to leverage CJA for their analytics needs.

2. CJA in Tool Learning Path

Within CJA, there is a dedicated learning path area that can be accessed by navigating to the "Learning" option located under the "Workspace" tab in CJA's user interface. This dedicated learning path area is designed to cater to users with varying experience levels and roles, providing them with content that is specifically tailored to their needs. In this area, users have the ability to search, sort, and filter content based on its type and their own experience level, ensuring that they can find the most relevant and suitable resources. Furthermore, the learning path area boasts a user-friendly and streamlined navigation and interface, allowing users to conveniently view a larger amount of content and cards simultaneously. Additionally, users can keep track of their progress within the learning path area, ensuring that they can easily monitor their learning journey and accomplishments.










To fully utilize and maximize the potential of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), it is important to thoroughly review and engage with the comprehensive learning path and its resources. Take the time to explore the wide range of valuable resources provided and actively participate in the modules, tutorials, and walkthroughs available to enhance your learning experience with CJA. By immersing yourself in the content and actively learning, you will unlock the full power and capabilities of CJA.

Additionally, consider joining the Experience League Analytics forum and analytics Slack communities to connect with other users and gain insights from their experiences. Attending webinars, workshops, and training sessions offered by Adobe can further enhance your knowledge and skills in using CJA. Remember that continuous learning and engagement are key to staying up-to-date with the latest functionalities and features of CJA, enabling you to extract valuable insights and drive meaningful results for your organization.