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Connected TV and OTT – The future of TV video advertising




Connected TV advertising or Programmatic TV advertising refers to any form of video advertising which is displayed on any internet connected TV also known as IPTV or Smart TV.

The term Connected TV also refers to basically a television which is connected to the Internet whether through a device such as Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick or a TV which is having an inbuilt Internet functionality where the content is being consumed via various OTT (Over the Top) apps or platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Hulu, 9Now, SBS on demand etc.

These apps or platforms creates the base for the delivery of programmatic connected TV advertising and OTT video advertising where automation, audience, digital content and TV ad buyers plays a major role. Adobe Advertising Cloud as a single and united DSP allows a 360-degree form of delivery of advertising through not only conventional forms of advertising such as display, video, social etc. but also new and emerging platforms which are connected TV and OTT platforms clearly emerging as a future of TV video advertising.

Why Connected TV?

According to eMarketer, around 94.2 million US consumers will use a TV with built in internet capabilities this year. Additionally, a big gaming consumer group of 66.5 million people with gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation will also add up alongside any video content viewed via various streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast etc. all of this will account for a major chunk of connected TV advertising inventory.

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Benefits of Connected TV Advertising

Multi-Channel Platform

Utilizing the unmatchable creative, audience and media buying power of Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP, Connected TV advertising campaigns sits alongside your other advertising campaigns such as display, video, Facebook and Snapchat. Make use of this advantage to switch and check performance in real time for all your placements and ad strategies under a single campaign.

Scale & Reliability

Reach the biggest audiences on every screen, with a full set of tools to target and protect your TV content from brand safety point of view with industry leading 3rd party partners for data and protection.

Flexibility & Versatility

With Adobe Advertising Cloud, there are numerous deployment options available and a modular approach lets you adopt capabilities as various business needs arise. From ISP, Audience, Categories, Geo etc. all capabilities sitting at the same place to serve your global advertising needs.

Standard Creatives

With Adobe Advertising Cloud, it is as easy, flexible and fast to create and deploy your Connected TV creatives or ads, as if they are your standard video creatives only. You can utilize your original video content and creatives used for other video and social advertising in your connected TV ads also. It is as easy and fast to deploy.

How Connected TV works

Step 1: Consumers start streaming content on their internet connected TV devices

Step 2: Media buying DSP platforms like ours start bidding and purchasing on the ad spots which match your targeting audience.

Step 3: Ads appear on the Connected TV devices on full screen with 100% viewability in real time. Ads appear just like your linear TV ads on live TV.

Step 4: Performance metrics are captured in real time and are available to your DSP platform.

Ad Formats for Connected TV in Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud serves to run connected TV ads with video being served before premium TV content on leading connected TV solutions.

We have 2 kinds of options for videos of 0:15 and 0:30 second lengths available and the player action involves with video begins playing automatically with sound on when user chooses to watch a content video.