Celebrate with Caution: The Rise of Video Advertisement




Great Advertising Experience has become important than ever before!

Digital Video Streaming is growing fast and there are strong numbers to support the trend is here to stay. Be it United States or rest of the world, the trend is gaining momentum. Subscriptions and revenue growth for industry leaders such as Netflix is a testimony to overall trend that is shaping up.


netflix 2.png

Digital video devices continue to eat the share of TV and mobile continues to be the preferred device for digital video viewing. No wonder marketers love to follow the consumers. They would do whatever it takes to identify their right audience and engage with them. As consumers spend more on digital video devices, video advertising is only set to grow aggressively from here.



Why this Trend?

What’s more exciting to know is - why is this trend so strongly picking up? What are the strongest factors triggering this shift? Why are consumers beginning to shun TV and move to Digital Video streaming? The curiosity to find an answer to this, led me to some interesting insights.

“One of the strongest reason, it emerges, comes with a word of caution for marketers.”

Video Viewers Attitudes.png

The single biggest reason to choose digital video over TV is rather interesting. More and more consumers are switching to digital video because fewer commercials are shown than on regular TV! Clearly the disruptive TV commercials are not going down well with consumers especially when they have an option to switch to digital video streaming which apparently is not cluttered with as much commercials as TV has been for many years. I see this as a cause for celebration, but with caution.

What should Marketers Do?

As marketers, we will find more audience on digital video platforms, however, we should acknowledge that consumers are beginning to choose platforms that show less volume of ads. In addition, consumers want non-disruptive ads. Hence, we not only need to deliver video advertising across multiple screens in various formats but also identify and engage the best audiences with a consistent and relevant ad experience. Great advertising experience holds the key! To attract and retain customers, you need a solution that helps you deliver highly personalized ads video ads relevant to your target audience segments.

How Adobe Advertising Cloud Helps

With Adobe ad cloud, marketers can deliver great cross-channel advertising experience across all screens and formats. In addition, you can identify and amplify high value audience segments, drive key business results without compromising on brand safety and create most relevant ads using data insights based on historical data of customers. For more detailed information on Adobe Ad Cloud reach out to your Adobe account representative to learn more!