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AIDA taking Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action approach when planning multi-channel advertising campaigns




Advertising is always that branch of marketing which exactly fits on a funnel based approach and have various stages involved from awareness to conversions. AIDA or Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action is one of those funnels based methods which is very widely followed and involves the steps or stages which happens since the time a prospective customer first becomes aware of a product or service and ends till it converts, below we have detailed out each one of them.


From a wider perspective, this is where it all starts sitting at the top most place of the advertising funnel, Awareness is key to any marketing objective or marketing plan. You need to gather a lot of attention for your offer, product or service by using different kind of images, videos, canvas or native ads in order to make a lasting impression on the user and make them recall your product or service for a while in order to completely push them further in to the advertising funnel and take decisions later. Some of the key metrics to look at this stage:

Estimated Reach


Video Views

Ad Recall Lift




At this stage, more channels of advertising communications open such as Search ads, and text is very gradually deployed to further grab attention as well as excite users to take furthermore Interest in the product or service. They must have a zeal here to search for more information and this will start with researching more on search engines after the awareness stage is over.

This will also involve people who don’t need a product or a service but often end up purchasing it that's why smart advertising at this stage can push extra prospective consumers to further down the funnel, all it takes to start creating a personal bond with the customer by adding some extra eyeball impressions. Some of the key metrics to look at this stage:




Landing Page Views

Impression Share


A strong pitch or copy text is the backbone of this stage of advertising and you really need a very eye-catching offer messaging or any great idea to suffice the user to this stage. You've got your reader this far, and they think they may need your product but are not sure. So, this is the best time to ignite a fire of desire with your creative ideas but what needs to be made sure is that users are absolutely certain and sure of what they are looking for and you are also on the same page.

Additionally, this is also the stage where smart technology play of advertising also starts such as the use of 1st party data in the form of retargeting. Retargeting can today be used in most of the social networks such as Facebook and even on most of the on demand and RTB publisher inventory. Some of the key metrics to look at this stage:


VCR - Video Completion Rate

Viewability Rate

100% Video Completions

Time on page

Page views per session


The prospective customer is now aware about the product, has expressed his interest and a strong desire to buy it what may be stopping to take action is just a perfect call to action or CTA, which should be part of each and every format of your advertisement whether its video, display, search or any other, depicting trust in your product or service. Big discounts, coupons, a whitepaper, eBooks, offers etc. in your advertising copy may be perfect to take action and finally convert them to become the customers. Some of the key metrics to look at this stage:


Cost per Conversion