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Hey Everyone, Hoping someone already created this wheel. We're trying to create a calculated field that will give us the minutes between two dates (i.e. Entry & Actual Completion). But we want it to apply to Work Minutes. The WORKMINUTESDIFF would be perfect. But it uses the work period of the Default Schedule (in our case 9-5pm). The team that wants this metric is our Helpdesk and thus has it's own scheduled (6am-6pm). So any ticket that is opened at 6am and closed at 8am shows 0 minutes because according to the Default Schedule the work day hasn't started yet. I can't change the Default because it'll impact projects. I don't suppose there's a way to point it to another Schedule. So that leaves us with a crazy calculation that I'm hoping someone has already conquered. " I'm holding out for a hero... He's (or she's) gotta be strong And he's (or she's) gotta be fast And he's (or she's) gotta be fresh from the fight Vic Alejandro MPM, PMP, CSM Denver Board of Water Commissioners
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