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Okay - so I found the shortened description text on WF-pro.com, easy peasy. A great site btw if any of you are unfamiliar with it. I am trying to pull the shortened project description into a task report. This seems like it should be possible by referencing the object type in the text, but as usual, I am missing something here.

The original code looks like this and works great in the project report:

valueexpression=IF(LEN({description})>150, CONCAT(SUBSTR({description},0,149),"...(open for more) -- "), IF(LEN({description})>0, {description}))

I have modified the text to include the project object rather than the task object. Can you guys see the error in my ways??

valueexpression=IF(LEN({project:description})>150, CONCAT(SUBSTR({project:description},0,149),"...(open for more) -- "), IF(LEN({project:description})>0, {project:description}))

As always, one thousand thank yous...


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Hi Brandon, try this:

valueexpression=IF(LEN({project}.{description})>150, CONCAT(SUBSTR({project}.{description},0,149),"...(open for more) -- "), IF(LEN({project}.{description})>0, {project}.{description}))


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what a silly goose. All over it Terry - thank you! Brandon Pritchard System Administrator iNHouse Marketing - Nationwide pritcb1@nationwide.com