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Workfront & Event Planning?


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Hello, does WF have a component/template/etc. that helps with event planning/management?

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There is a Corporate Event Plan blueprint you can check out. More information here Blueprints Overview and List of available blueprints 


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There is a blueprint like Sheri mentioned, but in general event planning could have a few different approaches. As there are likely several teams involved in the planning and execution (and all of the assets needed for the event), you'll want to consider how other kinds of projects are handled in your instance. Some examples I've seen in the event space:
- Have the event be a Program, and all projects needed related to the event are in the Program.

- Have the event be a Project, and many task sections for different assets/phases (I don't recommend this approach).

- Have the event be a Program and have a project for each team involved, each project has tasks for the various assets/pieces that team is responsible (so 1 project per team instead of 1 project per deliverable). 

- You could have projects that are for asset creation in the same way you have today, and just come up with a separate event planning template that is solely for the planning function.

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