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Why are our days coming up with weird durations (1.62 days, 3.2 days, etc)? (I know how to fix just not how to fix at a template/system wide level) Is there a way to have timelines auto use working hours?


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My colleagues and I have had many situations where we set dates, and the duration comes up as 1.62 or something similar. We know we have to go in and fix the start and end date TIMES to make it take into the working hours, but we were wondering what makes it default to this. For example, what made it default to something like 7/7 12:30 pm start date and a 7/8 2:20 pm end date? Is there some sort of setting we have change to make it default to our normal working hours (something like 8-5 days)?


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Hi All, this is frustrating at times, I believe it date stamps the date/time that you are creating that task to start, so we always change it back to 8am with start date and the end date with a 5 pm end time. this helps keep the dates and durations in sync, (most of the time). I would like to see it always default to the 8 am start time. So what happens to us is if we start a task in the afternoon and give a 3 day duration to that line item it will push it out further based on the start time not the day. so we get that 1/2 day of the 4th day. (Start a task at 2 pm and technically you only have 3 more hours of that day +2 more 8 hour shifts + 5 hours into the next day)

Hope I didn't confuse you. Best resolution is to change manually to 8 am. I hope others have a better solution that I am unaware of.



Hi Tim,

Dawn's on the right path there.

The issue stems from the planned start time not being the beginning of the user/project's schedule.

User in this case would be the task owners, or if no users are assigned, then the tasks go off the project's schedule.

I'd recommend exactly what Dawn suggested and manually set your project's planned start time when you set the date.

Best of luck!