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What does it mean to add a custom form to my Issues?


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I added the field Item Description to a view on the Issues tab, but when I enter a value and move off of the record the field gets wiped out. I called support and after some investigation they replied with this:

It looks like the custom form for that field is not attached to your issues. In order for that field to populate based on a custom form, the custom form must first be attached. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

I do not understand what this means. I do not think I have a custom form; this is just adding an existing field to a view. So there must be some terminology here that I do not understand. Whatever the case, I have watched the custom form video and the answer is not in there.

EDIT: I reread this and I think the problem is with what they are calling a custom form. But there is no custom forr; I customized a view. That's not the same thing, is it? I am brand new to this platform and it seems like if I edit a view, and add a field that is available within the system, that I should not have any extra steps after that. I really cannot figure out what I am missing.

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Hi James,

So sorry about the confusion! I'll have our support team member reach out to you again to help clarify. They should be able to get on a call with you and walk you through the difference and make sure that we get you the help that you need.



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Hi James,

If you're looking at a list of issues and add a new column to your view, each one of those issues needs a place for any info that you enter to live.

A custom form is basically a house for all of your non-native, or custom fields to live in. If you don't have a custom form with the same field name attached to each issue, any information you try to enter via a view has no where to live. A view is just showing you what is on that issue, a view doesn't actually house that information for you.

If you were able to add that field name to your view, it must live on a custom form somewhere in your system or it wouldn't show up as an option to add to the view.