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We are not able to log time to dead/complete projects. But, when a user tries to log time - no error message pops up. Is there a way to have an error message generate?


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@SueG3 The "+Log Time" button does not appear on the Hours tab of a project if it is marked Dead or Complete (pending those options are deactivated), and on a timesheet, the boxes are greyed out. Can you share some more details as to where these users are trying to log time?

Or are you hoping that Workfront would display the "+Log Time" button, but generate an error message saying something like "This project has been marked complete/dead, no additional hours can be logged" to make it more clear to users? 


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I’m thinking that these users do in fact have ability to log time, you may want to check your setup settings. Tasks/projects in time sheets are greyed out if they can’t log time to them and they wouldn’t see the +Log Time button within a project hours tab or task/project updates if they are no longer able to log time to the object. It’s effectively an error message but the functionality is removed…

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