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Unintentionally changed to "Mark as Done"


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When I comment on a task assigned to me from "New Updates", it is completed as "marked this as Done" by itself.
This is despite the fact that the "Status" is set to "In Progress" and the "Percent Complete" to less than 100%. I have to set "Assignments" to "Not done yet" every time.
Does anyone know the cause and solution?

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Hi there, this is definitely odd behavior. Are you an instance admin? If not I’d reach out to your admin. If you are, I’d reach out to support so you can have a screenshare with them to see exactly the steps you’re taking. I also recommend asking other users in the instance if this is their same experience or not.


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I have something similar, when I comment on a request 'new updates' its automatically changing the status to always 'In Progress'... it's currently being looked into by the Adobe Architects as they're not sure themselves