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Trying to add a new user, but Workfront says the email address is already taken


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Having a bit of a problem adding a Requestor into the system so that they may access a queue.


When adding the information into the New User panel, I get an error message (see attached). I fear that I might have added this email address incorrectly in another area and now it’s part of the system, but this person does not show up in the User list. There’s no indication of an Invite having gone out.


Anyone ever see this before? Any way to remove an email address from the system so that it can be re-added properly in a New User window?

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First, I'm sure you've already tried these suggestions. However, here are some ideas.


Could you run a report of users and the email address or apply a view in the users list, then export it into excel. Then you can do a search on the email column to see if you can find something similar.


Or could this person be under a different username than you have? For instance, we've run into situations where, let's say, we are notified that the new user is Robert, but someone puts him in as Rob or Bob?


When searching for a user, make sure you double check by not using the whole name in the search. Use only the last or first name. You might catch something that way.


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This has happened to me many times and it's usually the result of the email address being added to a proof at some point.  When this happens the email address in the proof is added to the Workfront user list not as a name but as the email address.  Simply search the users for that email and update accordingly, or alternately you can delete and start over.