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Troubleshooting - Custom Project Label in Calendar


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Does anyone have experience setting custom labels in the Calendar? We're creating a content calendar and would like to add client names. However, it seems like no matter what Client field I add, nothing is showing up in the calendar. Other fields such as Project Name and a custom field are displaying fine.


Any thoughts?

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Level 8

Hi there! Are you able to provide a screenshot on what you have in your custom label? We have used them and they work really well.


Community Advisor

Are you certain the rest of your filters/settings for this calendar grouping with that custom label would be pulling in results? If yes, are you checking they're pulling the correct field? When adding a custom label, you'd start typing the field name but then select it from the options that show in the label area. You'll also need to separate them by { } Here is an example of how a custom field after saved would show - this is task name then project name.


Also check you're setting this up in an appropriate tab to filter in objects by either tasks, projects or issues:



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@Catzilla Is the field for Client a typeahead field, single line text, multi-select, or something along those lines? Any additional information you can provide will be super helpful in figuring out why it is not pulling in to a custom calendar label!