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Subgroups - are you using them?


Hi All,Just curious if anyone is using sub groups and how they are using them. We use groups and teams - have you found benefits to using sub groups? Thanks!

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We don't use sub-groups...yet. But with the last release and now being about to create more sub-groups in each group, we're looking into it. I haven't had the chance to do much research, but I'm hoping it will help with things like sharing. If I can share to the top-level group and not have to share with multiple groups, and/or then give certain sub-groups higher access. It seems like that could streamline things a bit. And I'm always looking for ways to streamline


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Hi @Sarah Nau (Dominium)‚ ,

I am the operations manager for our Customer Success and Professional Services departments. We use Groups and Sub Groups for our professional services department. Within our PSO org, we have many teams that make up that department. I added a screenshot to show our group and sub groups.

I create 1 main group for our PSO org and then sub groups for the different teams within that org. This has been the most helpful for permissions and sharing. There are often times that I need to share a report/portfolio/project/queue with either the entire PSO org or just a team within that org and groups allows me to assign/change permissions quickly and easily because if I add the PSO group, it assigns the item to all of the subgroups but I also have the option to only assign it to the subgroups if needed.


Hope this helps and happy to answer any questions.