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Specific Hours in a Task Report


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I need to create a task report that shows only hours entered during a specific timeframe (i.e. This Week, This Month, etc). Does anyone know if this can be done or how to do it?

I know this can be done in an hours report, but that doesn't help me because some of the tasks that need to appear in the report don't have any hours associated with them. Some of the tasks are open for months and I don't want to show the cumulative hours, just the current ones.

Basically, I need to show all tasks active or completed this week with hours entered this week.


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Hi Barb,

One way this could be done would be to create a Task report that finds all Tasks with a Planned Start Date < $$TODAYbw+1w (e.g. started before the end of the current week), but which also do not yet have an Actual Completion Date, then iterate the hours on each resulting Task.

The hours will be unsorted and cannot be totaled...but at least you'll see them.




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Thanks Doug!

I'm not sure this will help as not all of my tasks will have planned completion dates in the same week, plus I need to be able to include items that were completed in that week.

For example - if a user is working on task that is open for 3 weeks, each week I need to be able to show just the hours they logged on it that week regardless of status.

To further complicate matters, not all tasks which need to appear in the report will have hours logged to them, but I still need to able to show they were active or completed.


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Hmm...tricky Barb,

The filter I suggested above should catch the 3 week long task in each of the three weeks (and longer, in fact, until it has an Actual Completion Date), but to then also return only the hours in a particular week, you could restrict the iterate with an IF statement on each hour’s Entry Date, like this:








The above will return the hours entered for the current week, but you could replicate it in as many task report columns as need be to “chunk” the hours entered last week (then two weeks ago, etc.) by modifying the IF statement like this:




I don't know if a solution was ever determined, but I continue to struggle with creating a report that displays the hours logged, per task, in a selected time period (week, month, quarter) and I found this discussion..

I've attempted to create this as an hours report and a task report, but have yet to have any success. Following Barb's comment, we have some projects and related tasks that span over several months and I want to see the actual hours logged last week or last month for those tasks.