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setting in notifications to alert the admin a new document was uploaded?


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Is there a way for me to be notified as an admin when someone posts a new doc to a project using a specific template? Or if not by template in general when they add a new doc? I;ve been relying on folks to tell me when they add docs and it is not working consistently and these are pieces for our legal review team I need to make proofs of and route - and yes our general users can't make their own proofs, it has to go thru me or my team.


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I am not sure I can offer anything constructively but this sounds like it could be a nightmare scenario and from one admin to another I would take a few steps back and think of how to improve this process so that the global administrator is not involved on a granular level with every proof.  Surely there are things that you can build and implement to get this structure into more of a systematic workflow.  This seems like it would have the chance to become chaotic.


We use tasks: 

Artist uploads artwork -> marks task done

Next task in line can start, when finished -> Kicks off next action


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you can have such notification custom build using fusion, we have something similar to alert users about new docs added to tasks they are assigned to. With WF alone this would be hard to monitor.