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Sending a repeated delivery report but ONLY when populated.


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We are looking for way to be able to only send repeated delivery reports (e.g a weekly report) BUT only when there is something to report. For example send a report listing issues raised that week. But we don't want to send a blank report, which is what is happening now.

If anyone knows of a way to do this, would be grateful for your thoughts otherwise would appreciate your vote via link below as I think this would prove a valuable improvement to many users.

Reports then be could be used as another means of notifying people/teams but based on a sophisticated set of filter rules in set within the report.




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Hi Richard,

One (albeit non-Workfront based) approach is to:

  • determine the size of the attachment where there is no data of interest contained (e.g. 10K)
  • schedule the report to deliver to a centralized email address (e.g. ThoseWhoCareWhenTheReportIsNotEmpty@mycompany.com)
  • create an email rule (e.g. in Outlook) that check the size of the attachment, and either deletes the email (e.g. when <=10K), or otherwise forwards it to the users who then need to see it, and will/should open it because you've Spared Them The Spam



Thanks Doug, that's an interesting thought I'd not considered as a workaround in Outlook.