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Restrict view access to queue topics


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I have set up several queue topics within a request queue.

Now I want to achieve, that some queue topics are only visible to specific users / groups / teams.
As I did not find anything to set this up within Workfront itself, I checked the API.

Using the endpoint QUET I do get the field accessorIDs showing me a list of IDs.


After checking those IDs, I saw, that also users, who are not included in this list directly, nor being a team or group member are able to see this queue topic.

Is there any possibility to achieve such a restriction?

Thanks in advance.

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Community Advisor

Hi Lars,


Unfortunatley, this isn't possible. The visibility of queues is set at the project level, you can't restrict at the queue topic level.


The only potential solution I could think of (but would need some careful consideration and testing) would be to restrict the visibility of the custom forms associated with queue topics. Whilst requesters would still be able to see the queue topics in the request area, when they clicked into it they would not see any form to fill in. It's not a particularly elegant solution though, as requesters would still see any system fields you have enabled (i.e., subject/description) and they would also have the ability to submit a blank request. 


Best Regards,



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My creative thinking: Create a queue for each visibility profile. You can aggregate intake by either routing requests to a central project or building a report/dashboard to report on the issues across the queues.