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Report Project / Job Role / Planned Hours / Actual Hours


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Hi all,

I'm trying to create what should be a simple report, but I'm not getting what I want. I want to look at a list of Projects, broken down by the Job Role. I would like the total planned hours and actual hours details against each job role.

Should I be starting with a project / job role / hours etc report?


My example report below is an Hours report, but this has a number of problems.


1. It's not grouping by the Job Role, just Project. For the "Banners" project I would only expect to see two lines returned. I've set groupings to Project >> Name and then by Job Role >> Name.

2. Column summing isn't working, it's duplicating the hours, but I assume this is related to point 1.

3. The job currency is in SEK, but the totals are showing in GBP.


Thank you in advance.



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f.y.i. I've resolved the currency issue for the totals


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1) If you switch over to the Summary tab, it will give you the two lines.

2) Not sure what you mean by this, but can you edit the report, click on the planned and actual cost columns, and set it to summarize by SUM?


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I did something similar using an assignment report and the matrix grouping. Maybe that would be an option for you?

2023-10-25 16_37_51-.png