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Reference a Task's Baseline Completion Date in Custom Form Calculated Field


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Hi all, I am desperate for help here. 

I am trying to compare the Baseline Completion Date for the Task called "In House" (See image attached) to a Custom Date called "Due Date" in a Custom Form Calculated Field. I have no issue referencing the "Due Date", but I have no idea how to reference the Baseline Completion Date for a specific task. Is this even possible? 


Ideally, I want a calculated field expression that will compare the two dates and return either "On Time" or "Late". Something like: IF({BaselineCompletionDate.IN HOUSE} < {DueDate}, "On Time", "Late"})


Please help! Thank you!!


- Oliver

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I'm not seeing a way to reference the baseline in a custom form calculated field--the baseline object is not listed in the calculation editor for a task-based custom form (and I don't see a baseline-task-based custom form option).


It is possible to build a baseline task report and include a comparison field:

valueexpression=IF({plannedCompletionDate}<{task}.{DE:TEST DUE DATE},"On Time","Late")

In this example, the TEST DUE DATE custom field is part of a task-based custom form.   


baseline comparison.png




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for a calculated field, have you tried referencing your baseline using the following syntax?

{defaultBaselineTask}.{DE:your custom field name}



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Hi @Oliver01,


To confirm @KristenS_WF's assertion, custom data is not captured as part of Workfront's native Create Baseline functionality (which is one of the reasons we created our Baseline+ solution, which can capture custom data).


That said, since you are taking Baselines -- and assuming that your "Due Date" custom parameter represents what the In House planned completion date was at the time the default baseline was taken -- I suggest you add a calculated parameter (e.g. "Current Planned Completion vs Default Baseline") on a custom form attached to the In House task using this formula: 




IF({defaultBaselineTask}.{plannedCompletionDate} < {plannedCompletionDate},"Late","On Time")




Speaking of which...as @CynthiaBoon recently mentioned, this Baseline Drift thread might be of interest to you, and at the next Strategic Admin Chat on September 18th I'll be offering of my favorite recommendations regarding capturing and tracking baselines.