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Ref # On Email?


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Just a question on this, as I am working with IT to understand how WF stores this info.


On an email from WF, there is a REF# above the "See it In Workfront". What is that reference number, exactly? Does it give a precise reference to the notification? It doesn't tie to project ID, user ID, update ID, etc. 

Final question: if I am correct, is this stored anywhere in-system/is reportable, etc. Just mostly trying to figure out what value this number adds to either a user or to support. Thanks!




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Hi Ryan - 


Workfront assigns objects a reference number inside the tool so yes, this number correlates to an object inside of your instance.


Workfront automatically assigns each of the following objects a unique reference number when the object is created:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Documents