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Project Naming Convention, specifically ampersands


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When naming a project in Workfront, is it okay to use ampersands. An example of our naming convention:




The ruling regarding DO NOT USE ampersands was put in place when we first launched over two years ago. The person who shared that information is no longer here so I can't find any history or reason of why that was put in place. I am worried that it had something to do with when reports are pulled but I'm not sure. If anyone has any advice to offer it would be greatly appreciated TYIA!

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Do you have any automations? I think sometimes ampersands can play havoc with these or other more advanced calculations? 


For similar examples, see https://medium.com/@johnteckert/how-little-bobby-tables-ruined-the-internet-d714c20d2ce0


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I make it a general rule to not use symbols associated with coding. It just makes things easier so I never have to escape any weird symbols. I do use underscrores and dashes and the occassional period (Although period is often used as a separator - {task}.{name})

I'd stay away from !@#$%^&*()[]{}/ \ though.


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Hi @SpavT,


So long as you're working with data through the web interface, it's possible (and usually fine) to use almost any character in text fields (such as names). Where it gets a bit trickier is when you're working the the API, where certain characters such as < > and & have special meaning, which you can learn about here.


As a general rule, depending on your tolerance and ability to enforce conventions (particularly when it comes to naming custom parameters), I'd recommend (pretending each of the following is a custom parameter name):


  • Leading Capital Lettered Words And Spaces Only Are Safest And Logical
  • Lettered Words With Numbers Such As 1 2 3 Are Safe But A Slightly Less Logical
  • Lettered words with Some Capitals And Spaces Only Are Safe but LeSs LoGiCal
  • Certain Symbols, Such as Commas, Make Reading Easier But Might Need To Be Encoded If Using the API, Depending On The Symbol
  • Other Symbols, Such As ' ` And (True Story) The Hungarian Alphabet Might Be Allowed "Out" But Not "In" Without Special Handling Via the API




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