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Project hours report - over time, per task


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Hi, Our company is becoming more and more active budgeting hours and making a proper Resource Plan based on the information from the Resource Planner tool, which has been very helpful. What I'm wondering though is, if I can run a report for each project showing demand over time for all tasks (separately, not as one) in the project . I'm mainly interested in data from today until the end of the task. I know tasks with hours on them are level loaded so it would be a relatively easy calculation but it would save a lot of time and effort to have a report that could show this instead. I hope someone could give me some advice on how to run a report like this. Thanks! Tim Tim Vroom Oceaneering AGV Systems (OASYS)
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Hi Tim, I invite you to consider our "http://store.atappstore.com/product/capacity-charting/#1">Capacity Charting solution for these types of advanced resource management "http://store.atappstore.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AtAppStoreCapacityCharts.png">visualizations . Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore Got Skills? Lend a hand! https://community.workfront.com/participate/unanswered-threads