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Practice Exercises with Answer Keys.


Level 5

On my journey to Ninja-land I am finding myself wishing I had some practice exercises with answer keys. I will research a topic, read all the documentation I can find and sometimes, if i am lucky, find some videos training me on the processes. While reading and watching these I convince myself "I have got this". Then the first time I go to use what I've learned with different criteria, I find myself stumped at some point. Because these trainings walk us through one specific example while showing us exactly what to do as we go we are missing out on the problem-solving aspect that for me, is where the lesson really sinks in. I was wondering if such things exist on here?

These types of exercises can really help build confidence in new Admins. I know I have learned A LOT form training videos and documentation, but just having a few more practice options that have the solutions could really help drive it home. Plus it would save hours of head scratching while I try to figure out what I am missing to get my attempt to work correctly. (But admittedly that makes the solution that much more satisfying when I do reach it)

I think there could be great value in these types of practice exercises for many topics:

  • Calculated Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  • Topic Group / Queue Topic / Routing
  • Basic Reporting
  • Text Mode Reporting
    • Columns, Filters, Groupings
    • If Statements
    • Exist Statements
    • Value Expressions
  • Automated Proofing
  • And So Many More

Just thought I'd put this out there incase something like this exists that I am not aware of OR if maybe this was something WF or our community could develop.


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Hi Tracy,

That's a great idea. I will take this to the teams and see what we could think up!




Hi Tracy,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Our Learning Paths on Training Home typically have practice activities with an answer key and we are working on making sure all of them do. You can find that content here at our Training Home Page or on the Getting Started page. I would recommend exploring those sites, if you haven't already. They are a comprehensive library of all of our training content. In regards to the specific topics you mentioned above, here is what we have:

We have workbooks with answers found in these following Learning Paths. Links to each of the workbooks are included in the Learning Paths:

We currently don’t have any workbooks for: topic groups, queue topics, routing, text mode reporting or proofing. We do have user guides with how-to instructions for proofing found on our Guides Page under the Digital Asset Management category: https://one.workfront.com/s/guides. You can also find them embedded in our learning paths in the Proofing Program

Our other courses that have workbooks with answer keys:

Almost all of the courses have some sort of how-to download or a worksheet to download. In addition, there are a few troubleshooting guides for the Planner courses.

There are some LPs out there that have activities but no activity books because the activities are generic and more self-reflective in nature since the answers depend on what WF environment you’re using for practice, etc.

Hope that helps! Let me know how we can further assist.

-Jessica Leauanae

Manager, Customer Enablement Training


Level 5

Jessica, Thank you these were great. I especially liked the Calculated fields one. These were exactly what I was looking for. I would love for these same types of exercises to be created for text mode reporting. I see there is an initiative for a text mode cookbook which I'm super excited about. These type of practice exercises really help us to learn the how-to on the many facets of Workfront. And maybe it's just me but I find these very fun.

Thank you for everything.