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Possible collections fields on a report to show if documents are in a specific folder (by name)


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Hi community! 

Does anyone know if there is any collection reporting that can get done at a project level report to show if there are documents in a folder with a certain name / criteria? 


To better explain, I would love to be able to have a field that shows if someone uploaded a document(s) to a folder that has the word "Final" in it. This way I can pull a project level reporting that simply has a true/false or yes/no to show they uploaded their final documents. 


I know I can do this on a document report, but wanting to see if I can do it this way instead. 


Thanks in advance, 


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I don't think you can do it using a view, for several reasons, but if you'd be reasonably happy with a filter, I would suggest going that route, and trying one of the exists statements located in the post below.