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Pie chart off of a grouping containing an IF statement?


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Is there a way in the out-of-the-box Workfront reporting to create a pie chart off of a grouping that contains an IF statement?  I believe the answer is no, but want to see if anyone has successfully done this.


My scenario...

We have a custom field called "work type effort" which exists on both "requests" (aka issue in WF speak) and "projects".

I have an HOURS report where if the time logged was a request/issue, show the request's work type effort, else show the project's work type effort (for time logged to tasks).


I successfully created the column and the grouping using the IF statement:


group.0.displayname=Work Effort Type
group.0.namekeyargkey.1=Work Effort Type
group.0.valueexpression=IF(ISBLANK({opTask}.{DE:Work Effort Type}),{project}.{DE:Work Effort Type},{opTask}.{DE:Work Effort Type})


And the list view of the report groups correctly:



Problem is the PIE chart doesn't seem to understand my gouping.  On set-up, it shows "Hours >     " then on the pie chart shows everything at No Value.





Any way to get a chart to render off of a IF statement in a grouping in native Workfront?


I know I can export to Excel and do it there but I want senior leadership to just use Workfront dashboards.

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This is normal. The only way around it would be to create the same answer (so, same valueexpression), as a calculated field on your object rather than just loose in your grouping -- and then group exclusively off this field instead of the work effort type field.


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Thank you @skyehansen! My thought as well.   But I can't put a custom field on an Hours object so that won't work in this situation.  I am hoping the new Reporting Canvas will be able to help with this type of situation.  I still haven't seen it.  Patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the reporting canvas.


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oh bummer, I missed the fact that this was an hours report :(. Yep, I don't know if Canvas will have an answer here but hope so!


Hi @SarahWilkersonCA,


Given the lack of custom data at the hour level (and suspicion that your Ask will not be among NRE's Solves), may I suggest you considering grouping instead by Hour Type, which (if you're not doing so already) could be leveraged to similar effect (in both current reporting and NRE)?