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Passing Array In Query String


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Hi All,


Looking for a bit of help here when using the Custom API call.


Essentially one of my search parameters is an Array, and I can examine the query string of the search module but i cannot replicate this query string using the Custom API call module.


Search module query string (looking at the console):
"fields": "[\"projectID\"]",
"$$LIMIT": 200,
"categoryID": "64b7e4ef001a3661c1ee9cb6250dd642",
"categoryID_Mod": "eq",
"DE:Array": [
"DE:Array_Mod": "in"

Custom API call module query string (looking at the console):


"fields": "projectID",
"categoryID": "64b7e4ef001a3661c1ee9cb6250dd642",
"categoryID_Mod": "eq",
"DE:Array" "a, b",
"DE:Array_Mod": "in"

Looking at it a bit closer I'm not even sure how to use the query string correctly to request more than one field back using this method?


This is what i am entering





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JonathanTh -

Not sure if you still needed help on this item but hope this might help.  I had similar situation and needed to use the Custom API Call mod to find the number of tasks with certain words in the names.  Below is how I was able to get it to work in the Custom API Call.  I built my query in reporting, turned it into textmode so I could see what I needed to copy.  You dont need the OR/AND part in the value field but everything should copy over and work.


API query.png