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New User with Using SAML 2.0 Authentication


Level 10
Hi all, We want to start creating New User in Workfron using Single Sign-On solution - selecting 'Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication' while adding New Person. As I want to updated our Support Handover Documents - I need to add to it step by step what happens while using this options. We have created fake User inside our department system and I add New Person selecting 'Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication'. Obviously no email from Workfront is sent while using this options. While I'm logged as Person ZZ on the device and i'm trying to get logged in Workfront, I'm getting screen below (1). Next I was trying to type in Person ZZ username using password I have set up while adding New Person - and i have got screen like this - 2. Have anyone got any idea why? It supposed to get logged in straight while going into the company Workfront hyperlink, didn't it ? Thanks for help.
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Level 4
The first place I would start is to talk to the folks in your IT that set up your Active Directory Federated Services page to allow the SAML integration to work so you can ensure it is working correctly. In theory, if everything is set up properly there, they should be able to see the authentication request on their side and it might even tell you why it is failing. If they are not seeing it, it is not set up correctly and I would either review the documents on the Help site or contact Workfront support. If they do see the request come back across and it can't authenticate then the issue might be with the way you set up that user (for example, when you created the user's matching account in your corporate AD environment, were they added to an OU or group that ADFS can't see). You will still likely have to ask Workfront support at that point, but it does give you a starting point.