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Need help with calculated field and pulling it to an Hours report Matrix grouping


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I'm developing an Hours report and need some help creating a calculated field and then would like to pull it into the Matrix grouping.

The field should calculate the percentage of Internal hours out of the total hours for the given time frame.
I would like to configure the calculated field in the Matrix grouping so the field calculates the correct percentage of Internal hours out of the total hours.



Any help is appreciated!

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James, I'm not sure if I fully understand your ask, but when you create a calculated field in the system, the value will be based on the object total. You cannot specify a time frame for a calculated field - by default, it will pull in all-time. 

If you did want to go the route of choosing a specific time frame and calculating the percent of internal hours based on the total hours given for that time frame, it would have to be done through text mode. 

Hope that helps to clarify things. Let me know if you have any questions!