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My subscription stopped


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I just realized I haven't heard from you guys in a long time and found that my subscription completely stopped and I had to resubscribe, I'm guessing due to changing it to Adobe platform. Of course, if that happened to you, you aren't seeing this alert.

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Welcome back @Jill_Ackerman,


Now that you're here, since the default Avatars and (cryptic) default user names make it difficult to recognize each other, I suggest you edit your photo and user name back to something familiar (as I've done), to encourage conversation / assistance going forward.





cc: note to self @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore 




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Totally agree @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore Feeling lost when I can't find someone or I don't recognize the cryptic usernames! I wish more people would post on your Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. Again. post 


Do you know if there is a directory like we had in One? I couldn't find anything.