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Modify report to view task assignments from two companies?


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I am not sure how to solve for this issue... our Workfront is set-up as 2 companies, however, with the influx of work, resources are being shared across both companies for specific projects. How can I create a dashboard that shows tasks assignments for both companies? I've created the report using a User Wildcard but the tasks from both companies don't show up, just from the primary company the user is assigned to and tried troubleshooting why tasks don't show up but am at a loss.


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Hi Naushin,

There are a couple of different settings / configurations that could prevent users from seeing tasks from other companies:

  • Access Levels - Depending on how your access levels are configured, users might be restricted to only being able to see objects from their own company
  • Sharing Permissions - You will need to ensure that the tasks you want to report on are shared with the users who are viewing the report. i.e. if your tasks are shared with users in a group that contains users from company A only, users from company B will not be able to see the tasks.

One thing you could also try is to configure the report to be 'run with the access rights of' a system administrator. This way, anyone viewing the report would be able to see the data within it as if they were a system administrator.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,