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Missing tasks from status reports


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I have created a few task reports to use in a weekly project meeting or shared with managers to see what tasks their team is working on. However, although 97% of the tasks are listed, there are a few 'rogue' tasks that are amiss and I cannot work out why.
I have been informed that this sometimes happens and there is no explanation other than a glitch, but it is happening more and more on separate reports - not all the same task/project - and it is really making me crazy.

Am I amiss on something or is there a glitch?


Thanks for any guidance, tips or feedback.

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hi, tasks go missing for 3 reasons (that I know of).


1) if the task does not meet the filter requirements, it simply won't get included.

2) if the user that is viewing the report doesn't have permission to see the task, they simply won't see it.

3) if the report is being run with a particular user's permissions, the report's viewers would see what this person can see.


Frequently in our instance, the fourth reason is that the report extends to a second page and users didn't know to go to the next page.


It's hard to say more without seeing the filter requirements you have.


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Thank you - however it is me as SA who cannot see the tasks.

I have double checked the criteria of the task and it is all correct that's why I am so flummoxed.

But I will definitely keep a note of your reasonings for the future.

But I do agree with the 4th option! This is more often, or not, the reason.


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I've often been asked about Workfront "glitches" and every single one of them was not a random magic happening within Workfront it was that the object did not meet the criteria


I try to remind the users that there is always a reasonable explanation 


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I totally agree - there needs to be logic.

I will keep persevering.

Thanks for your reply