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Long time no see, everyone! Talk about being busy...



Long time no see, everyone! Talk about being busy..

I wanted to reach out as I've been trying to run some reports on issues, and ran across the workshop from last Friday (Feb 11th) that was presented here.

I was blown away by how the data was presented, and how easy it is to consume.

Little bit of a refresher if you're not aware of what I'm talking about.. https://one.workfront.com/s/question/0D54X00007HZK0KSAX/-request-issue-management-workshop

And a little glimpse of what it looks like!

0694X00000HEsdvQAD.pngIf you tend to keep track, or want to keep track of the issues in your system, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to review the workshop above, and check out our longest standing partner The AtAppStore's Open Issues tool. You can see the legend in the columns on the right, and how it correlates to the issues I had opened, how long they were open, and how many were open.

There are a few gatchyas though.. like it shows if your issue was created on a task, you can click right into it.. or if your issue was never committed to, how late it is... but wow.. clear and easy to review!

I also wanted to see how it would look if you printed it to say pdf or even powerpoint.. and to my surprise, it looks very clean!

0694X00000HEshxQAD.pngIf you get a chance, and you want to dig through your data, check it out. Really.

-Adobe Workfront Support's Batman.


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