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Kickstart-Created form fields only editable by Admins


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We created a couple of forms via Kickstart because there were many dropdown fields, and it was quicker to use the Kickstart Import functionality to create the forms and fields/field options than by manual data entry. However now that the forms are created and shared, where a couple non-admin users have "Manage Access" To the form, these users cannot make edits to any fields that were created via Kickstart. They are able to add/remove fields from the same form altogether, but cannot change the label or add/Hide Options in dropdown lists of a kickstarted fields. The fields appear grayed out as in this screenshot:


The users who are unable to change the fields do have an Access level that allows them to fully manage custom forms, and they are able to do so with any other non-kickstarted fields. Only users like me who are System Admins can actually edit the kickstarted fields, but in this case, this is functionality and responsibility that should belong with the users.

Has anyone else experienced this and/or figured out how to let the users manage their own form fields that are kickstarted in?


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